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School visitor procedures - how to inform parents & school staff about what is expected

by Paul Kazlauskas

Schools occasionally have a hard time getting visitors to comply with their manual sign-in or electronic registration protocol. Parents, in particular, might not feel the need to comply because their children are students and they don’t consider themselves “visitors”. Parents may consider themselves more welcome than the average visitor. So, parents (your most common visitors) and school staff (who will enforce this process) need to know what is expected of them.

Below are some sample communications that could help ease the transition to a new visitor sign-in process.

We are instituting a new visitor sign-in protocol to improve security. You will now be required to stop by the office upon arrival and sign yourself into our new visitor badge sign-in book.

1. Complete both the badge and the “sign out stub” by listing your name, your destination, the date, your initials and your time of arrival (“time in”).
2. Remove the badge and stick it to your clothing in a visible location. Our school staff has been trained to look for badges identifying all visitors to insure our protocols are being followed.
3. Before you leave the building, please return to the office to sign yourself out, locating your initials and sign-out stub. List your departure time (“time out”) on the stub and return your badge.

In the event of an emergency, it is critical that everyone in the building be accounted for. Careful and conscientious observation of visitor sign-in/sign-out procedures will better enable the school to ensure the safety of all building occupants, including students, employees, school staff, and visitors.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

We are instituting a new visitor sign-in protocol to improve security. Visitors will now be required to stop by the office upon arrival and sign themselves into our new visitor pass registry book. This new system will provide an identification sticker to be worn by all visitors, along with an automatic confidential log for our records.

Visitors will be required to visibly display their identification sticker, and to return it to the office upon departure. We will also ask visitors to sign out in our new registry book. The registry book is portable and will help us account for all building occupants in the event of an emergency.

Please be aware of visitors/strangers, and instruct anyone you see without an visitor pass to return to the office to sign in. Contact the administration if proper procedures are not followed by that individual.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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Posted on 2/13/2019