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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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4 criteria for tracking early dismissals effectively

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder One of the security goals that all schools should have is to keep track of students who sign out early. Sometimes students need to sign out early because they are feeling ill or they just have an off-site meeting, like a routine medical appointment, during school hours. It is important for schools to document those instances, as this is a liability concern. Here are four criteria for tracking early dismissals effectively, with reasons why Confidential Student Sign-Out Books serve this ...

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Simple practices for parents to help improve school security

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder Parental involvement is critical when it comes to creating safer schools. You are the bridge between your child’s school life and home life and you should feel empowered to promote and advocate for school security. Schools will implement the physical security measures and develop the procedures for what to do in various kinds of emergencies. They will perform drills with staff and students to train them on how to act in certain situations. However, parents serve an important role of ...

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6 lobby design issues that compromise security

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderThe lobby of any company, school, or healthcare facility is the 1st place the public can enter a building. It is a significantly important area to have a properly designed security protocol. Visitors entering your lobby will need their access restricted (at least initially) so they are funneled to your visitor management system for registration. A poorly designed lobby can increase operational costs by requiring extra staff be hired to overcome any security weaknesses. Unfortunately, ...

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Common issues found during a security assessment

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderSecurity assessments are a holistic look into the overall physical security of a building or facility. It involves a walkthrough of the facility with evaluations of such things as access control systems, CCTV cameras, visitor management, security guards, locks, lighting, gates, and fences. Many organizations never evaluate their existing physical security tools. They may spend thousands of dollars on physical security controls, but don’t know whether they are the correct tools and if ...

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Access control cards won't be disappearing tomorrow

Monday, October 12, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderBiometric authentication involves ways of identifying people using a person’s unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints, facial structure, eyes, or voice. The security industry has begun applying biometrics in access control systems because biometrics are hard to forge. There has been a buzz that this new way of identifying people is the wave of the future in facility security and the access control card is going the way of the Dodo Bird. Biometrics could certainly be the ...

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