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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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Common issues found during a security assessment

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderSecurity assessments are a holistic look into the overall physical security of a building or facility. It involves a walkthrough of the facility with evaluations of such things as access control systems, CCTV cameras, visitor management, security guards, locks, lighting, gates, and fences. Many organizations never evaluate their existing physical security tools. They may spend thousands of dollars on physical security controls, but don’t know whether they are the correct tools and if ...

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Questions to ask when developing a visitor management policy

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderIt is now common practice for schools, corporations, and healthcare facilities to have a need for policies on how to handle visitors to their facilities. Visitors to a facility increase the risk of violence, theft, and injury. Even if a visitor is at your facility for a completely valid reason, it is important to document their presence and reason for the visit. While it’s certainly not a good idea to ban all visitors to a facility over possible fears of what could happen, it is ...

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4 cyber security tips for students

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderAs a new school year begins, cyber security risks should be brought up and discussed with students. Phishing scams are more prevalent than ever before. Personal mobile device use in school, without proper device security, can potentially cause a hack or identity theft. It is helpful to know your Google security and privacy tools that can help keep your information private and secure. Students should be very careful when sharing data online. Unfortunately, many students don’t think ...

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Choosing a visitor management system part 3:
Not all badges are made alike

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 by Andrew Jones

PlaceholderThis is the third of three articles about choosing a visitor management system.Just as different visitor management systems perform different functions, they also, understandably, comprise different components, depending on your needs and preferences. One of the most important components to consider is the identification badge you use to identify your visitors. Any time you encounter a stranger at your place of work, you may wonder who he is and what he is doing there — especially ...

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How administrators can reinforce school safety & security

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderSchool administrators, including principals, district-level administrators, superintendents, and school board members, have a tremendous responsibility when it comes to school security and safety. School security and safety starts with strong leadership. These school administrators should take precautions to prevent crisis and act decisively if the unimaginable occurs. They must be responsible for such things ranging from enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for weapons on campus to devising a ...

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