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Product Tip: How do I choose the right visitor badge style?

by Suzanne Corcoran

Visitor Passes, Visitor Badges, Visitor I.D. stickers

We’re often asked, “What’s the difference between 'Company' and 'Destination' visitor badges?”

Which visitor pass you choose depends on the type of visitor you receive and the information you wish to gather about them. No matter which you choose, sensitive information needs to be kept private and confidential. Keeping a facility secure is serious business.

“Company” badges capture not only the visitor’s host within the facility, but the company or organization the visitor himself is representing. It is particularly important for companies and government facilities to know which individuals and companies have seen their people, their premises and other potentially proprietary or sensitive information.

“Destination” badges note the area in a facility in which a visitor is allowed/expected, but not the visitor’s professional designation. If your visitors are mostly family members, as is often the case for schools and healthcare facilities, then a “Destination” badge gathers all the documentation you need for these personal visits (a parent visiting a second-grade classroom, a nephew visiting an ailing aunt in the hospital, etc.)

Do schools and healthcare facilities ever choose "Company" badges?   
When identifying vendors or contractors, many schools and healthcare facilities choose “Company” badges so they have a permanent record of those who visit in a professional capacity. In addition, many facilities choose different color badges for each type of visitor, to make it easy to identify them at a glance.  

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Posted on 2/2/2015