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Mindfulness Security in Healthcare Facilities

by Josette Lumbruno

Mindfulness Security in Healthcare Facilities

When we discuss the topic of security, what comes to your mind? Locked doors, access control, visitor management, video cameras, and all the physical components.

Well, what about mental security in the workplace? What image does that conjure up? I imagine smiling, happy faces that look forward to tending to patients, staff, and visitors.

Mindfulness has entered the mainstream community of employees and employers across all types of industries, including the healthcare market. We all recognize the importance of being “watchful” for suspicious people/packages, but what about the importance of being mindful of how this affects the people we work with and take care of?

Do we acknowledge some folks might feel stressed when entering a hospital because they have to be badged for their safety, as well as everyone else’s in the facility? This is the first place where mental mindfulness can be nurtured to create the feeling of well-being, in an environment that relaxes the visitor, so their visit or stay will be a positive event.

What you can do, according to Congressman Tim Ryan, author of “A Mindful Nation,”

  • Start a mindfulness group for stressed-out family caregivers, held at a nursing home or hospitals.
  • Write your representatives in the state government and encourage them to include mindfulness training in your state-funded medical and nursing schools.
  • Let your doctor know about some of the health benefits of mindfulness.
  • Encourage your employer - or employers you work with - to have mindfulness included in the company’s wellness program.
  • Bring information to a nursing home or hospital where a family member is being cared for and encourage the staff to give mindfulness a try to guard against burnout.

Posted on 1/15/2015