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Color-changing visitor passes add security to your visitor management system

by Paul Kazlauskas

One Day Time-Expiring Visitor Badge, facility security       One Day Time-Expiring Visitor Pass, color-changing visitor badges prevent reuse

Selecting the right visitor management system is an important security decision for any facility. Knowing who came to visit your building, how long they stayed, and who they visited are important components to know in order to keep a workplace secure. Regardless of the type of facility, identifying and keeping track of visitors is central to keeping employees, staff, students, clients, and patients safe.

Let’s assume you’ve decided to purchase an electronic visitor management system. That’s a great first step. Your facility will enjoy such facility security benefits as:

  • Increased accuracy of visitor information
  • Better reporting tools
  • Quicker visitor identification processing
  • Photo identification 

Ready to take the next step? Implement time-expiring visitor passes that change color. For extra security, put a time limit on your visitors with visitor badges that change color overnight. These special visitor passes discourage reuse the next day (or another future date), which helps if they aren’t collected when the visitor leaves your facility.

Another way to think about it is these color-changing visitor passes may be “valid today,” but they will be “void tomorrow.” The word “void,” literally, is what appears on our expiring badges over time to signal that they may no longer be used as authorized forms of visitor identification.

To activate the color-changing visitor badges, a second layer of material, with a specially treated surface, is pressed to the back of the visitor label. Red ink from this second layer seeps through the label from behind until it becomes visible on the front. “Security you can see” helps with visitor identification.

There are three types of tamper-proof, time-expiring visitor passes available for signing in using an electronic visitor management system:

  1. The TAB-Expiring visitor pass has a patented one-piece design that makes activation virtually foolproof. The tab is simply folded behind the pass. Overnight, a “VOID” image appears on the right side.
  2. The FULL-Expiring visitor pass is the most visible color-changing solution because the entire visitor pass changes color overnight, so can be seen from a distance. Just stick it on top of the red back piece to activate the expiration process … and it’s ready to wear ... until it becomes VOID the next day.
  3. The DOT-Expiring visitor pass has a red expiring circle preprinted on the bottom right corner. A white “front piece dot” gets applied over the red circle. The next day, an image of the word "VOID" will appear, indicating the visitor pass has expired.

Ready to learn more about time-expiring visitor badges for direct thermal printers? See our options for both DYMO and Brother printers.

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Our visitor badges “VOID” overnight to prevent reuse.
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Posted on 5/1/2017