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We write articles mainly about visitor management, which helps you to know who is (or has been) in your facility. It is just part of an organization’s physical security processes that protect people and property within and around a building or campus.



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What's a Threshold Security Kit and why do I get one free with my first order?

Friday, March 27, 2015 by Suzanne Corcoran

PlaceholderAt Threshold, we know it can be difficult to introduce a new visitor management protocol, particularly for visitors who may never have been to your facility before. Even if you’ve always asked your visitors to stop and sign in, let’s face it – they don’t always comply.To help our customers enlist cooperation from their visitors, we’ve created Security Kits that we include free with first-time orders. These Security Kits contain signage along with helpful visitor ...

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How to choose the right visitor badge for a manual sign-in system

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder Selecting the right visitor management system is an important security decision for any facility. Knowing who comes to visit your facility, how long they stayed, and who they visited are important components to know in order to keep a building secure. Regardless of the type of facility, identifying and keeping track of visitors is central to keeping employees, staff, students, and healthcare patients safe. Let’s assume you’ve decided to purchase a manual visitor sign-in system ...

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Pro's and Con's of a Manual Visitor Sign-In System

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

Placeholder A manual visitor sign-in system is a handwritten way of identifying and tracking the visitors that come into any school, healthcare facility, or business. This system usually consists of a visitor filling out a visitor’s badge to be worn while on the premises. Occasionally, there is a log book to fill out that provides a record of the visitor’s stay, logging such items as their name, the date, time in, time out, and person visiting/destination. Many manual visitor badges are ...

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Pro's and Con's of an Electronic Visitor Management System

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 by Paul Kazlauskas

PlaceholderBefore you choose a visitor management system, think about what you want your system to do — such as identify visitors, track visitors, access background information, and/or issue reports. Electronic visitor management systems (VMS) are used to sign-in and track visitors who come to visit a facility. They are the electronic version of the traditional visitor sign-in book. There are numerous Pro's and Con's to having an electronic visitor management system and each list should be ...

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What is your school lockdown procedure?

Thursday, March 12, 2015 by Josette Lumbruno

PlaceholderIn the event your school goes into “lockdown mode”, will you know who is currently visiting and their whereabouts? Incorporating a manual visitor management protocol can give you instant access if you are using a visitor registry book that also provides a duplicate copy of who the visitor is and their destination in your school. Having a sign-in and sign-out feature will also tell you if the visitor has left the school building. This type of visitor registry book can quickly be ...

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