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4 crucial layers of security for Healthcare Facilities

by Josette Lumbruno

4 crucial layers of security for Healthcare Facilities

In the December 2014 issue of Security Management magazine, Shawn Whalen, a Physical Security Professional, describes layers of security that ought to be addressed for Healthcare Facilities:

1. The outside property perimeter of a hospital or any healthcare building that is open to the public faces some challenges. For instance, proper signage for visitors, patient drop-off, and emergency parking is a simple and inexpensive way to guide the public to the proper entrance.

2. Inside the healthcare facility can process different challenges. Knowing who is allowed and not allowed on certain floors can be a nightmare if there is not a proper security protocol to follow. For example, color coding visitor badges by floor becomes an instant visual for the nurses, doctors and any authorized personnel to acknowledge who has permission to be on a particular floor.

3. Access control to restrict visitors from certain treatment areas can be installed and regulated by a security officer, with lockdown authority if a situation should arise that threatens staff, visitors and patients. All staff should have proper badging so they are allowed to enter patient only and staff areas inside the building. Signage that tells who is allowed on any particular floor could be helpful too.

4. Restricted areas should be limited to authorized staff, specifically work areas that contain narcotics, IT network areas and personal information. If a vendor needs to access these areas, a vendor badge can be issued by security and accompany them to one of these areas.

The more that visitors make their way from the outside in, the more important it is to guide, identify, and restrict them.

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Posted on 1/28/2015