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Customer Care/Business Details - learn why it's easy to do business with us. 

Who to speak with, by market:  


  • Director of Security
  • Materials Manager

Government offices

  • Director of Security
  • Director of Purchasing


  • Principal
  • School Secretary
  • District Operations Manager
  • Superintendent’s Secretary


  • Director of Security
  • Human Resources Director
  • Loss Prevention/Risk Manager

Manufacturing facilities

  • Director of Security
  • Human Resources


What to ask:

How many visitors do you have each day? Each week?

• How do you keep track of who is in your building?

• Are you pleased with your sign-in system? If so, what do you like about it? If not, what do you dislike about it?

• Do you badge all your visitors, including contractors, vendors, and volunteers?

• What (or where) is your risk relative to visitors?

• Do you have multiple points of access (back doors, shipping docks, etc.)

• Do you have multiple facilities? What do you do for them?

• If there was an emergency and you had to evacuate, how would you know which visitors may still be in the facility?

• Do your visitors tend to leave without returning their visitor badge? If visitors are walking out the door with them, it becomes a security risk. And, with lanyards and plastic cards costing as much as $10.00 per visitor, that expense can really add up.

What to talk about - the essential Features and Benefits of our...

Direct thermal and                       inkjet BADGES

Visual Alert — Visitors
are clearly identified
while wearing self-adhesive

Expiring Badges
Prevent reuse by changing
color overnight.

Fabric-Friendly — Badges 
stay on without damaging 

Compatibility  Our
badges work with many
DYMO, Zebra, and Brother

Visitor management 

Secure visitor identification 
Software makes it easy for
facilities to log, identify, track,
and run reports on visitors.

Print high-quality badges
The eVisitor computer
template prints good-looking adhesive badges, customized
with your logo. It lets you
design I.D.’s for all kinds of

Easy and affordable visitor management  Reliable cloud
storage means you don’t need
to do any networking or provide space on your hard drive. This
helps make it affordable — plus
you pay only for the functionality
you need.

   Sign-in and
badging BOOKS

One-Step — For tight
security, all visitors are
automatically recorded in
the log when they fill out their

Customization — Allows
complete freedom of badge

Confidentiality  Sealed right
edge of the label liner and log prevents snooping.

Sign-Out Option — Optional
stub confirms who has left the building.

Portability — In emergencies,
the book can be taken out of the building.


Customer Care 

It's easy to do business with us!

“Helpful, courteous, and attentive without being pushy."
— Eden Prairie, MN

THRESHOLD products are an excellent visitor management solution to offer organizations of all sizes.  Product distributors experience such benefits as…

- Excellent marketing materials that will help you sell, including assets for your website
- No minimums
- Competitive discount structure
- Fast turnaround (usually ships within 2 days!)
- Complete customization and private labeling
- Knowledgeable and friendly service
- Complete satisfaction 100% guaranteed
- Blind shipping
- 3rd party shipping
- Distributor order forms and “time to reorder” forms
- Distributor’s reorder information printed on the product

"Outstanding service from start to finish."
— Torrance, CA


Business Details

Terms and Conditions
All new distributors must fill out a credit application.  Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are extra. All orders placed on an account are entered and accepted on the basis that they will be paid within 30 days. A service charge of 1.5% per month ($1 minimum), 18% annually, will be added to any unpaid balance of 30 days or more. If it becomes necessary to employ professional services to enforce collection of a past-due account, all such collection expenses will be chargeable to the customer.

Payment Information
Acceptable online payment methods include VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Purchase Orders. 

Shipping & Handling Information
Shipping & Handling charges will be added to your order total and invoiced accordingly. When shipping to more than one destination or to outside the continental United States, please contact us for a quote.  In U.S. & Canada call 1-800-243-1969, Internationally call (+1) 860-677-8586.

Turnaround Time
All orders are shipped via UPS. For express delivery (e.g. UPS Next Day Air), see the "Shipping Method" options on the "Select Payment" screen in the shopping cart.  

International Orders
All orders must be paid with American dollars. Call for shipping charges if requesting delivery outside the continental United States.